Friday, September 2, 2011


Today I was surprised...

I was surprised with a package from my sister! I happened to be gazing out the window when I see the postman walking to the door with a box. I open the door and grab it from him. Lo and behold, it was for me! From my sister. Puzzled and excited (it wasn't my birthday, or any special occasion) I open it and am filled with joy, excitement, and glee as I read the card and slowly go through every goodie inside the box! I couldn't stop smiling, filled with joy and excitement down to discovering the last item. I love surprises! I always feel like God set me up.

Can you imagine Him (humor me) saying this morning as I awoke and prepared for the day: "Today's the day!..She has no idea!..(to the angel) Michael shhh...I've got to see this!" He's sitting on the edge of His throne...elated with excitement, bubbling. He thought the whole thing up! There I am sitting and reading on the couch, not a clue. The one morning I happen to be home, and by the comes the mail man...Can you imagine the excitement in God's heart as everything is unfolding? I can! God totally loves to surprise us, to show up in the big and small things. He's cheering us on, in the small things holding our hands and celebrating our small victories and the big breakthroughs. He's celebrating my sister and filled her with joy and love as she put the package together. He's been delighting in me, in both the big and small and He just loves...loves to reveal who He is to us.

Wherever you are...whether working through areas of offense in your heart, in a seemingly dry spell, feeling distant from God, wherever and whatever it doesn't matter...God's inviting you to know Him. He's not far. You can have as much of God as you so desire: Open your Bible, sing to Him, pour out your heart and ask for Him to open your eyes to who He is. He will. I love the God of surprises!
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