Friday, December 17, 2010

Bible Marathon, Discipleship, and trip home

Last weekend I was privileged to join something I had never done before. As a 3rd and 4th year class at IHOPU we took up the opportunity to read the Bible from cover to cover nonstop (morning and night) in 72 hours. It was amazing! We actually ended a few hours early (more time was given for Psalms then needed). As a class we started 6pm Thursday night and went around the clock reading just the Bible, ending Sunday afternoon around 2pm. There was a public reader reading on a microphone, while the rest in the room followed along. Every ten minutes the reader switched, with two microphone's being set up, so as one ended a sentence the other began so as to have no interruptions.

Needless to say from this experience I have fallen in love again with the Living Word of God. I felt so washed. I would go in the room, and all the traffic and noise in my soul would cease. My inner man came into alignment with the Word, and I began receiving insight and revelation in the Word (and even into my heart). The Word of God can calm the storms within, and bring clarity where there was confusion. We know that it is the Word put into action that is most powerful and liberating (not just head knowledge). Nonetheless, most of us today suffer from Bible-illiteracy (lack of knowing the Bible) so this was very helpful. If any of you are reading this and getting ideas of possibly wanting to do a public Bible reading (at your church, a home group, on your campus, etc) let me know and I can give some helpful advice.

I would have to say my favorite aspect of ministry school so far has been the discipleship component. I am being discipled (meaning, to teach or train) by leaders, and am discipling (teaching/training) others to become more like Christ. The best way to learn how to pray is to actually pray (not just think in your head), and the best way to grow in leading others is to actually lead. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to lead others closer to Christ. Proverbs 11:25- A generous man will prospoer; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Here is a picture of me, Rachael (to my right, we lead together), and 9 of the 10 ministry students we lead. We are at a look out in Los Angeles before a prayer time.

Here I am with Katie and Charity (sisters) from my home church. I've been mentoring them for a year and a half. They are awesome girls!
Heading home tomorrow, I hope to see as many of you as I can in my short time there. Thank you so much again for your partnership! Merry Christmas to you all!