Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Email of 2009...the Honeybun

Psalm 66:16-Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.

I'm getting ready to head back to Kansas City from my brief visit back home to the East Coast. It was so good to see my family, Church family, and friends. Seeing your faces, hearing what God is doing in your life, and your questions and interest in what I am doing has greatly encouraged me! I know when I am at the International House of Prayer praying, and studying, and serving I have an ARMY behind me helping me to keep going. Thank you!

Now I am off again! I hope to return to DC this Spring and have an intentional gathering where we can get together and I can share all that God is doing. Until then, you will be hearing much from me! Feel free to contact me with prayer requests, praise reports, etc. anytime! I love partnering with you! Grace and Peace, Lauren

(Email of 2009--05/03/09)

Now, regarding that honey bun. The other day I was babysitting my little cousins, and one of them was thoroughly upset because she could not eat a honey bun for breakfast. She allowed her disappointment (and rage? haha), unbeknownst to her, to affect her whole mood into the afternoon. How often do we do that? Someone says something that rubs us wrong, or blocks our agenda from happening, or something doesn't go our way like we want, etc., and it clings to us all-day-long. I have set my heart, although it may be uncomfortable at the moment, to not waste pain, pressure, not one disappointment, nor hurt. I don't always do it perfectly, but I'm setting my heart to see how I can know Christ more in the midst of my suffering. How can I be grateful for God's goodness in my life, instead of shortsighted, negative, and in self-pity? Don't let a honey bun set the tone of your day, but in the midst of today's pressures/exams/deadlines/meetings, etc. set your heart to become more intimate with Christ in the situation. Look up..