Sunday, September 26, 2010

Touching Lives...

All is alive and well in Kansas City! I'm still giving myself to a life of prayer and being faithful and intentional to touch the lives around me.
There are countless stories to share, and I wish I had the time and space to tell of all the different lives reached, prayers prayed, lessons learned, people touched, and how the gospel is going forth to both young and old. But I can however tell you about my friend Maria, and an awesome prayer ministry I am a part of called Hope City.
This is Maria:

She is a refugee from Cuba that a friend and I are "mentoring" which mostly involves helping her acclamate to life here in the US. This mostly involves us teaching her English, as that is her greatest need/desire. Maria is awesome. She's hilarious, and is always looking for a way to give me a gift after we spend time together. I'm really enjoying sharing my life with her, and her life with mine.
This particular Saturday I brought her to a Hope City "fiesta" of sorts out on the street so she could practice her English on people. Hope City is a ministry that reaches out to the homeless, addicts, prostitues, etc.

This Saturday we were doing baptisms outside for all who wanted to make a public declaration of their decision to follow Christ. This particular teen along with 4 of his friends gave his life to Christ last year at a prayer meeting on a street corner we had. He decided this Saturday that he wanted to be baptised as a public declaration of his decision.

There was a lot of celebrating happening that day.

Free groceries were also being given away.

Hope City brings hope and love to many who would other wise never know it if we didn't come to them.

I have so enjoyed being on the team at Hope City. Praying for, getting to know, and ministering to lives in inner city Kansas City has caused my heart to grow in love for the people that live here, to hurt with them, and to cry out more fervently for God to be known in Kansas City and for His justice to be released.

Life in God is anything but boring! I appreciate your prayers and support which keep me going.