Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life of an Apostle: Barnabas

Week Three here at IHOP-ATLANTA (http://www.ihop-atlanta.com/) and I am loving it!
My vision for the house of prayer is being greatly strengthened, I am growing in my leadership gifting, and falling in love with those I'm running with more and more. It is truly a privilege to give my life to night and day worship and prayer to the only One worthy of it, Jesus Christ. Sometimes I think about how 24/7 worship and prayer could be viewed as too much, excessive, or too radical, except for the fact that Jesus alone is worthy of it. It is the only reasonable response to His Beauty and Worth. That is how it happens in the Throne Room of heaven, day and night they do not cease to praise Him. God is raising up a generation of lovesick warriors and worshippers who will sit at Christ's feet like Mary of Bethany, hearing His word and beholding his beauty, and this part will not be taken from them (Luke 10:42). His Beauty necessitates a response.

I am in my last year of ministry school at IHOPU (International House of Prayer University). I am continuing to take classes though here in Atlanta for a semester through the e-school. Monday we had to turn in a group project concerning the life of an apostle in the early church. My group chose Barnabas. Thought I would share it with you as well. Let me know what you think!

To better explain the video, the first is a "worship with the Word" experience around the life of Barnabas. I chose 5 different scenes in his life that we spontaneously sang around, in an antiphonal style. It is supposed to be humorous, but also truthful regarding snippets of this powerful apostle's life. The second video is a brief oral presentation concerning some of Barnabas' journey in ministry.
May you be blessed!