Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I was able to join over 27,000 intercessors this past weekend at "The Call Detroit" which was a 24 hour "shut-in" at Ford Field of prayer and fasting for the city of Detroit and for our nation. We went daring to believe that God could turn around a city that many have forsaken.

It was a powerful time.

 No Cost. Just Sacrifice. The Call Detroit 11.11.11

Monday, November 7, 2011

Intercession Monday morning

So my last post was a "mock" worship with the word prayer set over the life of Barnabas for a class presentation.
This post is an actual prayer set here at IHOP-Atlanta. I lead the 10am intercession meeting every Monday. You can get somewhat of an idea of what the prayer room looks like and what it is I do.
In this prayer time I was praying for two things. 1. "GBF" which stands for Global Bridegroom Fast. The first Mon-Wed of every month IHOP-Atlanta, IHOP-Kansas City, and believers across the nations set apart to fast because of longing for the Bridegroom (Jesus), or to receive a longing for the Bridegroom. 2. I prayed for "The Call Detroit," a 24/7 prayer vigil this weekend on 11-11-11. I prayed that God would raise up youth that are consumed with the surpassing value of Christ, and are ministers of reconciliation/justice.

Here is a quick video of a prayer time I called, called "Rapid Fire Prayer." It is when people in the room come up to prayer generally 10-20 seconds for a prayer topic.

Thanks for stopping by! Many blessings from the International House of Prayer-Atlanta!