Sunday, April 28, 2013

Discovering a Person, Love, & the Joys of International Cooking

It matters to God that we know how much He loves us.
"I need you to know who you are in My eyes" I hear the Spirit say often.
God finds it needful and important that we would know the depth, height, expansiveness, and weightiness of His love.
"I need you to know I am proud of you."
I love the Holy Spirit and how uniquely and personally He speaks to all of us. Every word God speaks is profound. He knows how to speak your language. The language of your heart. When we read the Bible, both Old and New Testament, we see Abba (Hebrew name for Daddy), God, Jesus (who is the Eternal Father in the flesh, Isa. 9:6) does not relate to anyone in the same manner.

We see God is personal. Think on how He spoke with Hagar (she needed to know God sees), how He came to plead with Cain (sin is crouching at your door), and He knew Sarah's unbelief (Why did you laugh?). We see amidst the disciples, Jesus spoke to Nathaniel differently than Phillip, and related to Thomas different than John. Why? Because we are all different in the way we process, and what we believe in our heads versus what we know to be true in our hearts. God knows the language of our souls, and He knows how to meet us. We must believe this.

In my own life I am being undone again by the Tenderness and Unwavering Compassion of God. It is tenderizing and softening the jaded, hard, disillusioned me. The unbelieving me. The questions I'm scared to ask, and don't even know I believe. The statement, I need you to know who you are in My eyes implies, you don't know. But it also an invitation that carries the promise that I will know. Because He is a good Father, if God highlights something (eg, love Me w/ all your heart; flee temptation; abide in My love) He also gives the power or grace to do/receive it. I will increase in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, I will know how much He loves me, who I am in His eyes, and how I make Him so very happy and proud. Make this your decree as well.

.....I intended this to be an article on my thoughts and gratitude that has been arising as I have been enjoying making foods from various cultures around the world. But, because I am one for brevity, that will be my next article. Stay tuned for a goodie...