Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photos from Kids Camp

All right...these kids are ready for camp!

The boys lined up ready to try to beat the girls in a race to see who could get the most water in a bucket using a t-shirt.

...Sorry boys, the girls won!

Water ballon fight!
Definitely one of the kids favorite events.
It's going to get bigger...better...and wetter every Wednesday.
Somebody get me a poncho!

All righty...time for worship together. I was letting all the kids strum the guitar, and get a feel for the strings.

Putting the songs to motion and getting some volunteers....(thanks Kimmy and Leland!)

Dancing and singing together...

Thanks for partnering with me, financially and through prayer to touch lives!

Until next time....

Please pray for the outreach this Saturday, August 15th in the inner city. Ministering to the needs of the people and sharing the love of Christ. Read some testimonies at